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Making the Lockdown work for you & save money!

I think after nearly 2 years of lockdowns we have all adapted or to be more accurate been forced to the situation. You may have already adopted some of the practices before the pandemic or you have had to take a crash course in video conferencing and working remotely.

One situation that has now become clear is that if you were hesitant at first or you dived into working in your pyjamas. Working remotely has become a huge hit in not only the eyes of the employees but also the eyes of employers. We are all still wondering when the light at the end of the tunnel will stop running away from us and we will be able to safely return to the something resembling the life we once had.

Working from home in the COVID19 Pandemic

What is next for us? Will office life return to normal?

The quick answer is nobody knows. With the current climate, more and more businesses are finding that having their employees work remotely makes more sense. Not just for safety reasons but it also allows them to downsize/eliminate the cost of an office and utilise hot desks or meeting rooms.

Employer Recommendation:

If you have all of your employees only in one or two days of the week. Have you searched for serviced offices/meeting rooms near you and compared the monthly cost of your office to renting for one or two days a week

So how do you save money in the lockdown?:

The truth is you already have been, but you can save more.

For the employees;

  • Not having to spend money on getting to and from work 🚗

  • Less demand to get new clothes, but do remember to wash the ones you have 😂

  • Invest in home gym equipment and cancel your gym membership 🦾

  • Got some spare time, look into gaining some passive income with affiliate marketing or content creation

Honestly there are more and more ways of saving money and gaining extra cash incomes being created every week that it can be a bit overwhelming. The lockdown has caused the world to explore every nook and cranny to the point where if you can feel like you are lost down the rabbit hole. We will be showcasing some of them here and also be helping to start you off on your journey of getting the best of your online experience.

REMEMBER: There is no golden static formula, so don't believe people when they say that. The best strategy is to try everything you feel confident in doing well and also one or two things that you are not so sure about.

Good luck and have fun,


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