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AI Video Editor makes videos quicker & better than me!! Review September 2022

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

So you have been wanting to have some videos made for your social media platforms, you have the idea in your head and know the message/information that you want to convey.


Now you need to find an agency or a video maker that can help you create the videos you want, but you run the risk of them not fully conveying your message or not meeting your expectations.


Don't worry I have the solution for you right here PICTORY.AI

I have been working with companies making video content for years and I understand the process of creating a video, and then showing the client, they make changes and that cycle can last for weeks or even months.

PICTORY.AI is an AI video creation tool that takes all the pain out of having to find a video maker and worrying about if they will get the message across. Their text-to-speech technology can take any script or article and with the help of the AI assistant turn it into a video that is both unique and engaging.

From the easy-to-use interface to the ability to edit your videos even after you have uploaded your article into it. This software makes the process so straightforward that you can start creating professional-looking videos in just minutes.

There are a load of customization options available so you can adjust the video to fit your brand. The AI will add music into the video however you can always switch it out for a voiceover by an AI voice or upload your own voice to personalise it some more.

Then when you are happy with the results you can preview and generate the video in three different formats, which cover all the major social media platforms.

I know that by using PICTORY.AI I have saved a lot of time and energy and most importantly money on software and freelancers to create videos that work for my business and my clients. I hope you found this useful and you can go click the link below and sign up for free.

Click the arrow for a discount code if you want to try out the Standard or Premium features

Discount Code: mike81


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